Comforting Hands Companion Care

Companion Care When You Can't Be There

What happens when your parents, spouse, grandparents or other loved ones can suddenly no longer care for themselves? Each year millions of families face the need for senior care. Nursing homes are an option, however it takes your loved one away from his or her home and places them in sterile, unfamiliar and often uncomfortable surroundings. Hiring a nurse is an option, but that can be very expensive.


Comforting Hands Companion Care (CHCC) offers you an affordable solution for your senior assistance needs. CHCC can also serve as your advisor about anything senior care related, for instance, if you're in search of an airconditioning unit to ensure the comfort of your senior loved one(s), we can recommend visiting Air Conditioner Lab. Need advice on how to properly care for seniors? We're the best people to talk to!


In-Home Care, In-Home Comfort


At CHCC, we believe that in-home care offers the most comfortable option when faced with the need for senior assistance. We understand the importance of your loved one feeling comfortable in their home, even when they don’t feel quite like themselves.


And, with CHCC, your loved one will receive 100% attention at 1/3 of the price of most nursing homes. Our team of well-trained and highly qualified caregivers are carefully selected and matched to the specific needs of your loved one. They provide companionship and friendship. They listen. They talk to them. They encourage them to be active. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your loved ones are well taken care of when you can’t be there.


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 Our Vision

"We strive to preserve the dignity and quality of life of our senior clients by providing trusting, caring and emphatic caregivers who recognize their contributions in life.”